While Myanmar is not the land of shopping malls like the United States one can still find many high quality products at extremely low prices. You will find these goods at outdoor markets throughout the country where you can get to know not only the store owners but in many cases those who manufacture the goods as well. Those who create the goods sold at market pour their heart and soul into their construction often yielding amazing results time and again. Everything from clothing to art to various Buddha statues can be found for sale.

You can buy items that contain precious metals and stones however you will need to do so not at town markets but from a larger store where you can obtain a receipt and the necessary paperwork to export the item. Do not ever buy jewelry containing precious gems at a small market.

A very popular item purchased in Myanmar is any number of variations of lacquerware, which is made into cups, tables, bowls and other items. Be sure to test the quality of your lacquerware by testing its malleability. If it is very still it is of poor quality.

Tapestries make great souvenirs, however they are not valuable and often dealers will attempt to sell them as antiques when in reality this is not possible since tapestries such as these cannot hold themselves together for more than 50 years or so.

Beware of most antiques since they are not allowed to be exported and you may lose your money. Consult with your guide before making a purchase.

Myanmar has some of the very finest textile work in the world and you should most definitely pickup some fabric before returning home if you can put it to use. Although this is one of the items you will pay a premium for, up to $20.00 for the materials necessary to create a shirt or skirt.

Other odds and ends can also be found such as dishes, silverware, wood carvings and various stone work.