Industry to Suggest Granting Visa with Less Restriction for Western Travellers

Chairman of Myanmar Tourism Federation – Mr. U Yan Win said to set up necessary discussions with involving organizations on imposing visa restrictions for western travellers.

After visa exemptions granted for Japanese, Chinese and South Korean tourists last year, it has attracted more Asian travelers come to Myanmar. This had set the base for the movement.


Mr. U Yan Win also stated that the approval of visa exemptions for westerns tourists will make a great to impact on Myanmar tourism industry. Therefore, the less travel restrictions, the more visitors come to Myanmar.

Although several propositions were put forward early in this month by tourism organizations to issue visa on arrival for German, France, Italy, Spain, and Poland visitors, the Government have not responded yet, reported by Myanmar Tourism Entrepreneurs Association.

Now, passport holders from 50 countries are allowed to apply for visa on arrival at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw international airports with the staying of 28 days.

The number of tourists from China, Japan and South Korea has increased remarkably after the movement of reducing visa restrictions for those nations, which was approved in October 2018, noted by Secretary of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association – U Naung Naung Han.

“Tourists from China and Korea has reach to a large quantity when visa rules are no longer tight. From this fact, we can conclude that visa relaxation will attracts many more visitors from other countries. About visa exemptions for Western travellers, their country’s rules and sanctions are still the barrier, according to U Naung Naung Han.

According to travel agent, Tourists from Germany, France, Italy, Russian, Spain, and Poland usually stay in Myanmar for 14 days, who also pay top dollar for their vacations. Moreover, they also respect the country’s rules and the environment as well better than other nations.

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