To Paradise Sea, Mountain Chambers and Islands in the Southern Myanmar


Tripping to the end of southern Myanmar or cruise across the water from Ranong of Thailand, one will reach to the gorgeous city of Kawthoung. Always be vibrant, the city is the gather point of traders, tourists and a large number of visitors that excited for Myeik Archipelago.  At Victory Point, appears proudly the gigantic statue of King Bayintnaung pointing the sword toward Thailand, which is also an ideal position to overlook the bustling harbor.


Myeik Archipelago

Considers as the rare natural islands that still maintain to be pristine, the world had not known the 800-hundred islands of Myeik until the revelation recent year. Some of the islands are exploited to catch tourists, they love its feature of blue glittering beaches, white smooth sandy beach and unspoiled jungles. Archipelago is recognized to owns one of the most stunning sea to scuba and be a perfect heaven for family to splash in water and meet ethnic group of Moken (known as Salone in Myanmar).

mergui 2


With the convenient position, the area has been the famous quay to sea traders and shipment ships throughout the globe. The city conserves the history evidences of European roads and lavish chic manors, which are used by the people there. Skipping the smell issue, tourists can observe the interesting fish process that widely taken by the local in town and do not miss the charming ship-building yard.



Tourists attracted to Dawei mostly because the as beautiful as heaven beach of Maungagan located nearby. People has built the leaves cottages at the beach that serve fresh drink and tasty seafood. Wandering to the south to catch the images of tranquil fishing villages or heading north on a motorbike for the virgin white sand beaches, such as the stones adorned Nabule beach.

Mawlamyine 1


Mawlamyine – the fourth biggest city infused with tranquil and peaceful air, situated at the mouth of Thanlwin River. The city is home for numerous of stunning ancient pagodas such as the Mahamyamuni that down the river. Come to the colonial churches to contemplate its unique architect or visit the stunning building on Bilu (Ogre) Island, where local base their workshops. Riding on the motorbike to meet the world’s record length reclining Buddha in Win Sein Taw Ya, which is outside Manlamyine. Enjoy the time browsing around the area to witness the Buddha’s life, which is carved and written.



Hpa-an is the lovely capital of Karen State that owns scattered limestones with large chamber inside. The area spotlight of Saddang Cave owns a spectacular religious monument and stalactites decorated in its background. Kawkathaung and Kawgoon are also worth spending time, especially when the sun goes low, one can catch the scene of the large number of bats pour out from “Bat Cave” by the river. Take times enjoying the trekking journey at Mount Papu or switch the difficulty level when climbing on slope Mount Zwekabin (732 meters) but the panorama worth the trip.


Golden Rock

The famous gilded rock that breaks all physics rules when standing still at the edge of the cliff, which is believed as impossible but still exist. On its top, appears the ancient golden stupa. Golden Rock is said to be holly and be a famous spot to Buddhist pilgrims around the year.

To get to the destination, tourist can move on public vehicle to the stop station and walk for 45 minutes, or join the pilgrim route from its foundation, which takes 6 hours. In the town of Kin Pun, the stop before starting the trip to Golden Rock, located the graceful waterfall of Saung Hlaing Gyi, which can be reach by going on a taxi or riding on motorbike. Right there, a beautiful swimming area are pleasing to relax and the shops aside provides food and drinks.

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